04 April 2008

Friday, April 04, 2008 - 16 comments

300 fish

***UPDATE*** I guess I electrocuted the poor fish. I didn't turn off the heater when I moved it and it cracked in the water....I feel horrible now.

No not really 300 fish, but this is my 300th post and I killed all the fish!

WHAT!!???!!! you ask?

My ex gave Jacob a fish tank for his birthday a few years ago and instead of having it at his house he thought we would like it here, so J brought it home to us and has NEVER done anything to it since putting the fish in it. So anyway it has become my wonderful husbands dreaded project and let me tell you he HATES it! Fish tanks are CONSTANT work and you are constantly putting money into it, THANKS EXHOLE!

ANYWAY, the tank was needing a little clean and Mike was bitchen about it and I thought I'd be a sweetheart and clean it, I mean it was me who said it was fine to keep the thing here instead of at my ex's house. So ladeda I'm cleaning it and all proud of myself when I notice that one of the fish is lying on the bottom. Then another one. Then another. WTF!!!!!!! Then there goes another one. OMG!!!!! Then one more floats up then down.

ALL 7 of the frickin fish died.


OMG! I have no idea what I did.

Oh yeah...Happy Friday.

PS - I in no way purposely killed the fish! We can barely kill a spider in this house.


oh my! My hubby did the same thing.....seems that he cleaned it too well and stripped the stuff out that they need......so sorry..........

Rutrow...took away their delicate ecosystem with a good cleaning, huh? Been there, done that.

Poor fish! I never had any luck keeping them alive either. Fish are finicky.

You are too good a cleaner!

Keep smilin!

Yep. You got that tank too clean!!!!!!! I'm guessing that Mike is doing the happy dance???

You totally crack me up-- the exhole comment is priceless!!

I hate fish tanks also and the boys have always asked for them and we have consistantly sais NO!! So instead 3 years ago we got a snake-- better then fish in my book.

About the table and chairs-- I need to look at the maker. I cant remember it now but I will look and email you. I think it is on the box that is in the trash. I will look. It is really nice and well made. I think you would like it. It is a 48 inch round which is a nice size-- not too small and not too big. Anyway, I will get back to you tomorrow (dont feel like walking out to the trash right now- it is midnight).

Christy :)

Exhole-HA HA HA Love that! sorry about the fish! Maybe I'll see you this week?

I just LOVE my fishtank and wish I had more fish in there but it would just get to crowded in there... I have had the same fish for 5 years... the trick (I find and depending on the size of the tank)... Tetra fish live long and sturdy... I have a 'sucker' fish (oh it is a 10 gallon tank - we moved to the bigger tank cause of this guy, they grow fast)... the water I use is the cheap 'spring water' from the supermarket... I have the $2 vaccum from Wal-Mart and rarely clean it and don't even put chemicals in the water... sorry about your dead fish though... take care

Yep, we had fish when I was younger and they are were so much work! It seemed every week I'd walk by the tank and another one would be belly up. :(

Sorry for you rough experience!

Have a good weekend.


Poor fishies. It's almost like finding Nemo.

Sounds like a similar situation we had with our tank. We got these 2 fish at a carnival. They had lived for almost 4 months before DH killed them. What happened was that he added water that was TOO warm for goldfish into the tank and they went belly up within an hr. I was so not happy with him.

Sorry about the fish.
The exhole cooment has me laughing so hard I'm spitting coffee, your hilarious, again, sorry about the fish..

I am SO stealing the "exhole"- what a perfect word!!

Yeah, you gotta be really careful about the balance of elements (nitrates?) and stuff in a tank, my exhole was meticulous cleaning his and changed the water over at a snails pace, etc- it was an all day affair.

Is it OK to laugh at this?! It's cracking me up big time! I think it's cause you referred to your ex as an "exhole". Thats a riot!

"Friday Night Fishfry"

terri (daisybox)