10 March 2008


I am so sad for you and I dont even know you. Hope you enjoy your camping and your sweet friend..

oh, my dear, I went through this last year...I still ache for my boy.
If you need anything - at all - I am here.

I am so very sorry. You guys are in my thoughts and prayers.

Oh man. How sad...we went through this with our german shepard. It's heart breaking. We made the painful decision to put her down while she still had quality of life..she wasn't the kind of dog who would have tollerated not being able to care for herself. The guilt still gets to me when I think about it! I really feel for you and your family! So sorry.

I am saddened to hear this. Enjoy your fur baby and time together. Here for you.


Oh man. Oh man! I so ache for you and this just brought instant tears to my eyes... I love your attitude though, making it all about her and doing all the things she loves.

I'll be thinking of you guys.

You are in my thoughts

I'm so sorry! I know your hearts must be breaking.


Oh no! I am so sorry...

Oh no. Kayce. This is awful. My heart goes out to you, BIG TIME.


Oh Kayce,

Delurking to say - we lost our beloved great pyr to cancer in January...
I am so very sorry.
How wonderful for her that she has such a loving and devoted family - a very lucky dog indeed.
Wishing you all much love and peace in the days ahead.
kath in NH

Molly Sue and all of you are in my thoughts. She is a sweet sweet girl.

Oh I am so sorry, Kayce.

So sorry. ((((Hugs))))

Oh...I am so sorry....enjoy your camping.

I'm so sorry! As you know we are in a similar place and it's nothing but sad, sad, sad.

Pet your pup for me and enjoy the camping.

I'm so sorry. It's amazing how are pets become such a huge part of our families.