28 February 2008

Thursday, February 28, 2008 - 5 comments

Thanks for asking!

So a few weeks ago I ran into a mother from J's elementary school. We hadn't seen each other since our boys graduated in June last year so it was nice to see her again. Our conversation of course was mostly about our boys being in junior high and the trials and tribulations of this new adventure for us. We chatted about books we've been reading, trying to keep the boys "safe" from drugs and alcohol, what sports each was doing and so on.

After a while she asked me about the adoption.

I wanted to cry.

No one asks me about the adoption anymore, if anything I am avoided in this damn town because people just don't want to talk to me about it. ANYWAY! I was so excited, the first thing I said was thank you for asking me about it. I went on to tell her that no one asks anymore and it hurts. She laughed and said that people don't want to ask because they don't understand. She understands though. I started to give her the layman's terms for what's going on..."not sure how much longer", "waiting almost 2 years now", blah blah blah, you all know the words. She then told me she's been following what's going on with China and thinks about us often. I was blown away! She asked ton's of questions that only us adopting would know to ask. This all coming from a woman who is more of an acquaintance then anything else. I gave her a huge hug and said again how thankful I was to have someone talk to me and actually want to know what is going on.

Thanks for asking!

Most of all thanks for caring!


Sometimes the questions don't hurt and we are reminded that it is nice to be asked and that others care.

Keep smilin!

Sometimes these encounters come at just the right time. I'm glad that this gal reached out to you at a time when you were so available to talk. I've found recently that I isolate a bit when I don't want friends to ask me - anything. About the adoption, about my cat....kwim? But sometimes the timing is right and that can feel like such a miracle.


Isn't it wonderful when someone unexpectedly cares about something that's important to you? It's so nice to be understood!


What a great day! I love it when people ask how things are going...even if I'm sharing the same information I did 6 months ago. What a treat it is when people are truly interested. So glad your friend asked!

Happy 23!!

I'm glad you found someone who cares. It's amazing how one question can totally change your day.