29 February 2008

Friday, February 29, 2008 - 16 comments

It's that time of month.

Well today we've waited 23 months. It's funny when each LID anniversary comes around, I think of what was going on in my life at that age. When I was 23 I was a new mom, a single mom living with my parents in a town that was new to me. It was an interesting time in my life. Joyous but sad. Beautiful yet ugly. Wonderful and horrible. I grew a lot in that time. I became the woman I am today; strong. I learned how to live then. Thinking about it now, I was so young but old at the same time. It seems a light years ago that I was 23 and it seems light years ago that we sent a pile of papers to China to have a baby.

I wonder what I will have become and learned in the months of waiting when I go back to think about this journey someday.


Loving that number!


23 done! I wonder about this time and how it is affecting me. I hope I take away to never take my children for granted after the long and heartwrenching wait.

Keep smilin!

happy 23 months!

That is a fantastic post. I loved it. (I got married at 23, so that was a big growing age for me too)

That is a long time since LID. This wait is terrible. But like you pointed out, growth comes with these times. I see that in me. Too bad there is still so much maturing in me left to do!!

HAPPY 23 months closer..

Hang in there

Happy 23!!! I totally forgot when we were talking on the phone!! I am sorry!!! Have fun in Big Sur!!

Hooray to 23 behind you on the path to your child!

Congrats to 23 months down. Wish I was that far along in the wait. I'm almost 15 months down.

Hopefully it won't be that much longer. Here's to hoping China speeds up at least a little bit!

Happy 23 girlie! You know, I never thought about thinking what I was doing, where I was at in my life for each month passed... I think I'm going to start doing that! Of course, I'm only up to 14 so it'll be a while before any serious reflection can happen...lol.

Remember when no one thought we'd make it this far? And no one ever thought we'd see much past 23... I love you and miss you.

Happy 23!! Yes, I agree, I'm sure we will all look back at this "waiting period" in our lives and see how much we've grown.

Glad your feeling better!! Hope your enjoying your weekend!

That's a good number... it hints at light at the end of this tunnel...

I have personally lost track...

Happy 23!!!

23 is serious business. I am in awe. And, I am right behind y'all.

Yes, lightyears.