07 December 2007

Friday, December 07, 2007 - 7 comments

A little bit of randomness

Well I'm thinking I need to catch you all up on a few things, so I'll do it in bullet form of course! By the way...I'm trying to do this all with a smile on my face. 6 %#@&* days!!!!!!!! Can you say 2009!! Okay on with it!

* We are trying despretly to get into the Christmas spirit. But it's been tough. Last year we were secretly happy that we were still waiting for Jennifer because her first Christmas would be without J and Holly. So all of us were so happy that this year we would all be together and our new daughter wouldn't experience the holiday without her brother and sister. Well yeah, we're still without said daughter and IF she blesses us before next Christmas, our two other children will be at their respective other parents house for the holiday. Which puts us back at Jenny's first Christmas with no brother or sister. (We switch holidays everyother year with the other parents) Does any of this make sense?? ---on to other bullets...

* Let's go alllllll the way back to Halloween! This was Jacobs costume!

And OMG was it the funniest night of my life. He played Steve Erkle from "Family Matters" to a T! The poor thing was sick as a dog, but he pulled it off. We went T or Ting with some friends and all of us adults were laughing so hard we kept making a scene. Towards the end of the night, people in the neighborhood were talking about the kid who was Steve Erkle. Not once all night did Jacob fall out of character. By far the BEST time I've had in MONTHS!!!!

* We've been camping and just plain loving the new trailer! It feels so nice to be out again and just being. Our trip to Big Sur during Thanksgiving was incredible. It was just Mike and I and of course the dogs. We went 4X4ing, exploring the beach and just enjoying eachother. On the way home we were blessed to be able to see 2 California Condors on the side of the road, it was AWESOME! We got a pic, but I can't find it! Anyway we say #75, a male.
We also went camping with our dear friends from SoCal. That was just plain fun for us! Holly was able to join us that weekend, so it was nice to spend a little time with her. And of course spending time with the kidos who inspired us to adopt was a nice kick!

We are all hoping next year we will be able to join our friends again for their annual trip to get pumpkins, but with Jenny this time.

* Do any of you remember >this post?? Well I have finally been led to what I need to do. I was elected the Youth Commissioner at our Church. I AM SO FRICKING EXCITED!!!!! I have so many ideas and plans that my journal is overflowing with ideas! I can't wait to keep you all up to speed on what we are doing!!

* Um let's see what else. Oh yeah, Thanksgiving was here at our house. It was nice, but lonely. No kids this year. Mike and I were very glad to have it done with and off the next morning of our trip.

* Jacob started basketball last week. Which is bittersweet. This is the third season without Jenny. So now I get to sit next to my ex and his wife and their son who was concived when we started our adoption journey. He is now 2. %#@&*!!!!! Although I LOVE seeing him and playing with him, it hurts a little bit. My ex and his wife are very aware of what is going on and they just LOVE to throw their little bundle in my face and then rub it in that we are still without. Yes, I'm glad he is my ex! Anyway, back to basketball. It's great to watch all the kids and see their skill levels change and of course watch the games! So exciting!!

* Holly turns 16 next week. Oh shit! My poor Mike is feeling so old. He keeps saying he has a 16 year old and now he is starting over again. Ah poor thing! :) HEHEHE! I remember when i met Holly, she was 4! My GOD she is 16!!!!

* I'm still working on my Little Stitches but my sewing machine broke and is gonna cost $125 bucks to fix!!!!! Not make me happy!

* I think I need to get to work! Sheesh! Thanks for listening friends!


Thx for the catch up. Great pics. LOVE the costume.

Keep smilin!

That costume is THE BEST... thanks for the update! And I am loving your new look :O) Kinda nice listening to that sexy Mayer voice too...

Well, I'm with you....

Six days?!?!?!

Hanging in there my LID partner...


Another year behind us, I think you should come out to Tahoe and enjoy a little bit of the winter wonderland. I live on the South side of the lake and know some nice places to say. Let me know if you will be coming this way. It's beautiful!

Great pictures! Your blog looks amazing!

It is good to see that big smile again!

Nice shades.

It's been fun catching up with you through your pictures! :) Life is good aint it! :)