01 December 2007


Happy Birthday Mike!!

Happy birthday Mike! Hope you had a good day.

Happy Birthday Kayce's husband! Pardon me for asking, but what exactly is it that those candles are sticking into? We're having a discussion at my house about what it might be. I'll let you know later some of the things we came up with! :)

What a great bday to celebrate with all the healthstuff you've had to deal with this year! Hoorah for BDays. Happy BDay to Hubs! XO

Happy Birthday Michael!

Happy birthday! :-)

Happy, Happy Birthday!! Enjoy! :)

Happy Birthday! Is that his cake, looks like allot of candles:)

Happy birthday Mike!

Thanks all for the birthday wishes! Mike loved them all!

As for the picture...it's actually a photo from the internet and I have no idea what the "cake" is. Sorry to make you wonder. To me it looks like ground beef with some kind of tree decoration around it. :)

happy (now belated) bday to the man you love :O)