28 August 2007

Tuesday, August 28, 2007 - 9 comments


Well it's been a few days since I've really posted and we've had lots going on and no time to sit my butt down at the computer and talk to you wonderful people. But here is a little glimpse for your wondering minds:

First off let me tell you that my testing of toilet paper came back with a unanimous voice of reason, four squares DOES NOT CUT IT!! I'm sticking to eight and so is the rest of the family! I'm not sure how much bears go to the bathroom, but it must not be too much. Life is funny!

Saturday I got to spend a few wonderful hours with a friend I have not seen in at least 14 years. The time was way too short for the amount of time we used to spend together as young CRAZY girls, but it was a great visit and I can't wait to continue to reconnect with her. Life is beautiful!

Sunday we had a wonderful end of summer family bbq. I'm ashamed to admit that my family lives within 10 miles of each other and we see each other once a month or less, the last time we were all together was Father's Day. Sad! Needless to say the day was wonderful and full of togetherness, love and laughter. I have a beautiful family regardless of our faults. Life is a blessing.

Wow, Monday came quick! After a day of being in pain, (I pulled something in my neck and can't move it tooo well), I gathered up my gumption and went to the first School Advisory Council meeting of the year. Of course I really didn't want to go, but I did. It was nice. I'm glad I went and it felt good to be back in the decision making part of my child's school again. I am hesitant though. I backed off last year thinking that I'd be a new mom to a baby and that I wouldn't have the time to dedicate to site council and PTA stuff. Well, yeah you all know I had PLENTY of time on my hands and was actually quite bored last year. But the question now is, do I or don't I commit for the Jr. High years? I think my involvement will be more than minimal, but less then submersed. Life is an adventure.

Today we started the final chemo treatments for Molly. She is doing FANTASTIC and we are so happy that we went with this invasive treatment, it was worth the money. Over the last 17 weeks, yes! 17 weeks, I have been dutifully taking her for her chemo and she is now in remission. After her last dose tomorrow, we will go into a waiting game of sorts. We are praying that the treatment has given her at least a year to 3 years more with us, but that could always change. She did so well and her doctors say she is a miracle dog! So we have a good chance she will be here for a while yet. Life is precious.

Tomorrow marks the 17th anniversary of our log in date to China. 17 months. Seventeen. Seven plus ten. As we go into our 18th month of waiting, we are still very hesitant to start the nursery. We did have the crib up with the bedding I made, but took it down when it got tough to look at everyday. The nursery now is empty. We moved the queen bed into Jakes room when my sister moved out and what is left is a lonely rocking chair waiting to sooth and a chest of drawers waiting to be filled. A part of me wants to nest and unpack all those boxes and start to organize, but I can't. Seventeen months. Could it be another 17? If so, I think I'd rather have everything still in boxes so I could just put a address label on it and send it away, because I don't think I could wait another 17. It is time for this to end, this wait is excruciating. Life is a lesson in patience.


I love your appreciation for life.

Happy 17! It can't be another...must be less...hugs!

Keep smilin!

We had the nursery almost complete before we moved. Now everything is just dumped into the bedroom at the new place and I can't even think about setting it up. Maybe I should have the scrapbook room I have always wanted, if we have another 2 - 2 1/12 years to wait. I hear ya on that one! Sigh.

Yippee for Molly! I completely understand the nursery room thing.

Bless you all. The waiting for a referral is one of the hardest parts of an adoption. If you'd like to drop me a note you can get me at bernard(dot)farrell(at)gmail.com.

We recently got together with the friends we made on our first adoption trip to China over 11 years ago. It's amazing to see all the girls and their siblings and how much they've grown. What a fun camping weekend we had.

You do have a lot going on! Wow. I'm glad to know that Molly is doing so well. Yea!

Happy #17!

Loved this post..I feel your happiness. COngrats on 17 months and yeah for Molly!

At 17 months, I have to think that you are getting close now. I can't get by with four squares etiher. I'm glad that Molly is doing well. You have been busy!

It seems to me that you have been presented with a project to fill your time and mind while you wait for baby. If your family adds one during this, everyone will be excited and consessions made. Don't turn your back on something that gives you peace of mind and lets you remain connected to your ever maturing son. This isn't a choice, it is a gift. Let life take you on a trip instead of always trying to steer.

I feel the same way. I just started my journey and the thought of having an empty nusery to look at every day would be too much. It will come, at least that's what I keep telling myself....My thoughts are with you.