15 August 2007

Wednesday, August 15, 2007 - 4 comments

A new change in our lives

I don't think too many of you know of my Sunday or any other day of the week religious dealings. I haven't gone to church in about 15 years, okay I have gone to a couple of services here and there, but the place of worship was like going to a used car lot. The pastor is trying to sell me God. Not for me.

I was raised in a VERY family oriented Episcopal church and worshiped there for 24 years, as did my family. I even went to elementary school at my church. But when we moved to this area we found NOTHING that compared to our wonderful church. My parents went to dozens of different churches, different faiths, different places. My parents were very upset by this in the beginning, they were so involved in the church we attended in SoCal and could not believe the church environment in the Santa Cruz area. The churches in this area are very "bling, bling" or "fluffy". And not just one, but MANY. It's very weird. It's saddening. My parents and I finally agreed that we could worship in our own way, at the beach, in our home or somewhere where we felt close to God.

Well on Sunday, Jacob and I attended an Episcopal church that my parents hadn't gone to. We fell in love. Jacob who has not been to too many services, was in awe. He can't wait to go back. He kept looking at me during the service and smiling. The sermon was so close to home, that he and I kept looking around to see if there was a movie of our lives somewhere for the pastor to see.

We both were moved.

Moved by the words of God and thankful to have found a place we can go to and feel safe and loved.


Wow. That's awesome. I wish we could go with you! :)

Awesome We found a home church recently and we are so excited!

That gave me goosebumps!

Wow, how awesome. Reading this is like looking into my diary in some ways. I grew up going to church every wed. night and twice on Sunday. When we moved to AZ. I tried many churches,and like you said, very fluffy, marketing-type of churches were found. It was disheartening and just last year, Dan and I stopped trying and have been worshipping at home in our own way, like you said.

I'm so glad you found a home. Please pray we find ours as well.

Take care, friend! :)