11 May 2007

Friday, May 11, 2007 - 5 comments

A new road ahead

Reality hit hard last night. Last night was 7th grade orintaiton at the junior high.
What a wild experience!!!! We had to run from class to class and "experience" what a day will be like for our kids. By the third class, I was a glassed over zombie, I'm still trying to figure out how my son is going to deal with this new road in his life.

One of the reasons I quit working full time was to be available for our son, and after listening to the teachers last night, we are very glad we made that decision. Every teacher mentioned how important it is to be there the entire 2 years of junior high. This is NOT a time to drop them off at the corner and pick them up down the street. Several of the teachers said that our existence in their lives is more important now then it ever was in elementary school, we will need to be there more than we ever have before. WOW!

Another topic that was brought up was the fact that our children will act like they hate us for the first time ever. OUCH! I so remember that time in my life, but to actually experience it as a parent, oh I'm not looking forward to that at all. It's time to put on the armour and toughen up I guess. I don't think that Jacob will be to difficult to deal with, he is such a loving, sweet boy, but I'm sure he will have his moments.

Seventh grade. Life is changing!!! I'm gonna hold on for the ride and grab a box of tissue too! And maybe somewhere in there we might get to go to China! That will be a great topic for his world history class!!!


I know I don't know what it is like for you...but I do remember what it was like to be in Jr. High. Hang on tight friend! I have a feeling you will be fine. Jake is soooo great! :)

I taught in a middle school for 10 years. I both LOVE and strongly dislike that age. :) I think boys are easier than girls. Good Luck! Enjoy the roller coaster ride! :)

I didn't knwo you had a son going in to seventh grade!! You are so young! I wil be calling you in five years!!

What a good mommy and what an adventure!!

That is so great that the school had an orientation like that. You are very lucky! My kids loved talking in their classes about my husband's China trip-it is a great topic:)