22 January 2007


This is a test.....

I can post now! Good job! Are the comments supposed to show on the blog??? I've seen some skins that do things that way...

Hmmm. Tricky one. The " POST A COMMENT" is below and the 2 comments aren't linked. Hmmmm. Hmmmm. I don't know! Exactly what you wanted to hear!!!!!

Argh...it says it's missing an URL...???? I think I'm missing some brains!!

I FIXED IT!!!!!!!!! I am screaming right now!!!!! Because I fixed it all myself!!!!!!!!!!!

I think I'm gonna start crying!!!

CONGRADULATIONS!!!!!!!!!! We lost power for over a week in the recent natural disater. Yep, that's my town on the national news. Anyway, I like the site, keep up the fun stuff.

YIPEE!!! I'm giving you a cyber hug! :-)

The new blog looks great! Very pretty and bright!

Welcome to Blogger land! I love your site!