12 November 2010

Friday, November 12, 2010 - ,, 14 comments

Sunshine and smiles

The last few days have been beautiful fall days here on the coast and of course we've been taking full advantage of the outdoors!

On Wednesday I took the little cricket down to the beach right before sunset to get our sillies out and enjoy a little mommy/daughter time.  
Our little walks along the shore are always filled with some adventure and of course lots of perfect moments...right before I snapped this shot my girl grabbed my hand and kissed it and looked at me and smiled....my heart just melted right there.
Thursday I loaded up our bikes, packed a big picnic lunch and piled my sweets in the car early in the morning for a bike ride to the aquarium.  We had a fantastic time and completely lost track of time and space!  Our few hours turned into an all day adventure and we found ourselves peddling fast to get back to the car and get home to get dinner in us before Big J's bible study started.   It was worth every ounce of sweat that poured off me as I road up that big hill to get back!
Oh goodness I LOVED this picture but is there an action out there to make eyes open!? :)

There is this sweet spot at the aquarium where the light is perfect and I've been spying it for awhile to shoot some pictures there and ohhhh I wasn't disappointed!  My ever handy model did a great job of dealing with a crowd around him and was eager to let me practice.  :)

 Then of course I tried to capture my toddler which was just about pointless!  
I had visions of her perfectly saying cheese in this small brick alley way there, 
but no she wanted to turn all the valves and ring the bell.  
 She still gave me the perfect cheese though.  

Thanks to my babes for letting me get all mamarazzi on you and for a perfectly wonderful day!  
I adore you!


oh my goodness she is sooo cute.

I love each and every photo in this post! And BTW, I'm slightly jealous that your son poses and lets you take his picture! If only!

Sounds like the perfect day with your kiddos! So glad you truly appreciate the wonders and beauty of where you live. So many people take for granted what is right in front of them.
OH and the kids look amazing in your photos!

I just love her hair in those little piggies! Darling!

These photos are wonderful! I adore your little ones "pony tails". ;-)

It's so nice when they cooperate isn't it?

Hope you have a fabulous weekend!


Looks like loads of fun. I envy your camera, camera skills, bike rides, beaches, aquariums...you are blessed to live in such a lovely part of the country!

The kiddos looks so happy and healthy..enjoy is all mama!

the hair, the hair, is so cute. And, you boy is growing up! YIKES!


Great pictures! Interesting to see a "stocking cap" while walking on the beach. So cute!

It's turning to winter here today/tonight. Enjoy your sun!


Fabulous! I'm going on the next ride!!!! xoxoxo,me

Love indian summer days thanks for sharing

Great photos..
Looks like two amazing days..
Have a great weekend..

Love these photos!

Your children are adorable! Wow - would love to live where you live!

I just love all your pic's here, Kayce! I can almost smell the ocean! Oh, to live that close and get to walk the beaches everyday! We definetly need to plan a playdate at Jennifer's house someday!! :)