20 January 2010

Wednesday, January 20, 2010 - 20 comments

Black and White Wednesday

Here is my contribution to Black and White Wednesday this week which you can read more about from Lisa at The Long Road to China.

So this picture was taken New Years Day as Mike and I walked the beach near our home. I loved the energy that day down on the sand. There were tons of families just playing and having a good time. It was a cool day out with the morning mist still hanging close to the cliffs. It was a great way to start the new year. A year filled with so many new adventures and new dreams and a beautiful daughter.

T-Minus 6 days!!


I soooo wish I lived right by the beach.. I would be there ALL THE TIME...
6 days...
I am getting nervous..

Love the beach. SIX DAYS?!?

That is a beautiful picture. I am only a LITTLE bit jealous that you could walk on the beach so recently! My fingers and toes are FREEZING this morning as I type this... Brrrrrrrrr! That picture really is perfect for black and white!

Gorgeous! And do you see that family with the little one in tow on the left of the photo? That will be y'all soon!

Beautiful! I love the mistiness, combined with the energy of the people. Nice contrasts :)

What a cool picture!

oh Kayce, wish I was there!!
Thinking of you as you do the countdown... :)

What an awesome photo! Love it!

What a great photo of the beach.....and I love what Tonggu Momma pointed out....she is right!! 6 DAYS:)

I'm a first time poster at B&W Wednesday and found your blog. What a great picture and how exciting that you're leaving in just a few days.

Many blessings to you as you start the year out with so much excitement. I can't wait to see B&W shots of your sweet girl.

All the best~

Love this shot. And I'm just so excited for you! Soon, soon!

I would LOVE to be at the beach right now! Great picture capturing so much life & energy!

What a great photo!! Wow!!! Congratulations.....only 6 more days!!!!

Can you believe how close you are!?! Pretty soon you will be counting down the hours instead of the days!!

I bet this photo is great in color, too! Living in Minnesota, the sight of a beach looks SO inviting right now!! ;)


Gorgeous photo. 6 days? Your next B & W photo could be from China!!!!!! (Increased number of exclamation marks as I am struggling to contain my excitement :))

Gorgeous image, Kayce...it's beautifully composed I will say. Love the movement in it too. It's one to be framed!

6 days and you'll be going on the adventure of a lifetime.

{{{hugs}}} sweet friend. :)

What a beautiful picture Kayce... what beach is that? It instantly brought back fond memories of my HS days on Corona Del Mar Beach... Looked just like that!

Ahhhh 6 days.... I can't hardly stand it for you...

Kayce what a gorgeous image : ) you are getting so close yipee!!!!!! So exciting!!!!!

I'm a little late posting a comment, but wanted to tell you how lovely your photo is of the beach. I live 2 miles from the beach in S. Florida so I too can enjoy that scenery minus the mountain.

Good luck on your journey to your daughter. I wish you safe travels and a lifetime of happiness!

What an absolutely beautiful picture of the CA coastline Kayce!!