24 June 2011

Friday, June 24, 2011 - 6 comments

A moment in life {The Puzzle}

 Life is fast.
Life is full.
Life is never dull.
If you stop too long to smell the roses life moves forward and you might miss something.  
Capture each moment and make it last forever!
In a moment of silence yesterday I turned to see this happening behind me as I was cleaning up from the morning activities.  
I quickly grabbed my camera and shared in a moment of concentration.
Quickly the puzzle turned a bit difficult and the box was thought to have been better worn on the head for added help.
Then I was lucky enough to witness utter frustration!  
Soon the box was set aside and the moment of completing the puzzle was too much and a break was needed.  
After a minute of deep breaths and a "don't give up" pep talk the task was picked up again.
I loved watching my daughters little fingers move each piece around and around until they somehow fit together.  
She wanted so badly to make them all fit but of course there are four mini puzzles there 
and getting all them all to fit together was never going to happen no matter how hard I tried to assist. 

Life is a puzzle we must piece together with patience and love.  
I'm focusing on capturing a day (at least!) a week of my children putting their life puzzles together.  
I don't want to miss a moment!


This is a great moment captured!

What a wonderful, challenging moment to capture. With a few moments of Mommy's help the puzzle could be done but our amazing little 2yo's with their 'I do it all myself!' attitudes don't always allow for Mommy intervention. You're right...A Moment in her precious little life. All too soon she'll be whipping these puzzles together and others and we'll wonder where the time went!

really sweet shots Kayce! Love this post!


Absolutely adorable!

Hello long-lost sweet Kayce! ;) I'm back, after almost a year of just a few fledgling little posts. So good to see you and the fam! And oh my...how your beautiful daughter has grown! Looking forward to catching up! :)

Kayce -

These pictures are great!! If we were anywhere near California we would so be a customer. Tennessee to California is a long trip for a photographer but it is tempting!