11 April 2011

Monday, April 11, 2011 - 4 comments

This is my life!

Had one of those moments the other day....a moment of complete mind blowing confusion as to what I needed to do at that exact moment in time.
Love this shot from our little family shoot but it was/is very blurry.  So I did a little Coffee Shops, Sweet Bakery Glaze action on it to make it more blurry and a bit better.  :)
It was afternoon and I was cleaning up from lunch, doing laundry, trying to get Big J registered online at our local community college and directing the cricket on an activity so I could make a phone call to the college admissions office.  With all my multitasking underway, I picked up the phone and dialed and was immediately put on hold.  Do da...do da...fold some socks, kiss the top of the toddlers head, scoot the dogs in the back yard (but forgot to shut the door) and then I hear the grunt.

Uh oh not now I'm thinking!!!!

You see we've been working on getting started on the ins and outs of the potty and when "the grunt" is heard we can quickly ask if little miss has to use the potty and she'll say yes and run off to the potty.  Well at that moment I'm listening to elevator music and don't want to miss my opportunity to make this call!  So I'm praying that the person wont take me off hold for a few minutes and off I run with naked baby to the toilet.  Just as I get her situated the line pops and I hear, "thanks for holding, how can I help you?".  Ummmmmm.  Hand over receiver and I say, "go potty baby girl, mommy will be right back!!"

As I am explaining my needs to the nice young woman, another much littler little girl comes running out of the bathroom screaming......"MOMMMMMMMY I did it!!!!!  I poopoo in da potty!!!".  The line goes silent and I stand there dumbstruck.  Of course I know I need to jump up and down and wave my arms and say, "YEAAAAAAA!!!! Baby girl you ROCK!!  YOU DID IT!!!"  But my mind starts racing to getting her cleaned up, getting the bathroom door shut so small child doesn't run back in there and play with the said poop, (the dogs come running back in at this moment to see why I'm running around freaking out) and I know I need to compose myself so I can get my questions answered before I sounded like a complete lunatic!

After a minute the nice young woman who by the way was talking again giving me information about test dates and this and that and was possibly just ignoring the poop drama in the background and by now I'm holding a still exuberant toddler who is still naked (but cleaned up!) and I'm talking to this woman about college applications for my high schooler and registration and class schedules and telling her that my toddler just went poop in the potty.

Welcome to my world!

And of course the teenager and the toddler are more alike than they sometimes think.  :)  
I love being their mom!


That video put a smile on my face!

That just made my night. I can't wait for Joe to get home so I can show him. He loves your videos of little cricket!

Oh the joys of Motherhood! I love it!

That face! That smile! That giggle! OH MY!