15 October 2008

Wednesday, October 15, 2008 - 7 comments

Sweet Sounds

The other night I was laying in bed reading and I was able to hear the ocean pounding the cliffs. I just sat there and enjoyed the sound and realized that winter is on it's way. During the spring and summer we can't hear the ocean from our house at all, we are about 1/2 mile from the sand. Come fall there are nights when you can hear the distant roar, but as fall begins to turn to winter it's a sound that is heard all night long. LOVE IT!!

So while I'm enjoying the pounding surf I could hear giggling coming from Jacobs room. I put my book down and listened intently...the child was in full giggles. Oh the sound to melt a mothers heart! At bedtime Jacob watches a few episodes of either Br@dy Bunch, H@ppy Days, or Gillig@ns Island, show's in which he LOVES and is always asking if there is a place like that where we can move or did those people really go on a boat like that. It's funny how he loves to watch old sitcoms, in fact he's ready for LaVerne & Sh!rly and The Cosb*y Show. And one time he even found an episode of Br@dy Bunch with Mike cussing in it which of course was cut out. Anyone see that?? He clearly drops the Fbomb. FUNNY.

In the morning I asked him what he was watching that had him cracking up so much and he said he was watching Gillig@ns Island and just thinks that show is a crack up. He must have been watching it again last night because he was cracking up again. Smile. Looking forward to what sounds I hear tonight......


I would love to fall asleep at night hearing the sound of the water!

What a cute picture of Jacob...and your fur baby!! I think it is great that our kids are watching some of the shows we grew up with...I bet that giggle brings a smile to your face in an instant!

The sounds of your babies laughing is pure JOY..
Have a Great Weekend..
Hugs girly..

Mike Brady using the F BOMB? Say it isn't so!! :) I love that he watches all of those old shows. Why can't the media bring some good, clean shows like that back today?

Many, many years ago I used to do a lot of babysitting in my spare time. Once I was watching these two boys, I guess the were around age 7 and 9. When I came over they were so excited because their Mom had told them they could stay up an extra half hour to watch one of their *new* favorite shows. When I go there one of them asked me excitedly "Have you seen this new show on t.v.? We love it and my Mom said we can stay up with you and watch it!" I replied "Well I don't know if I have seen it. What is is called?" To which he answered "It's called Bewitched!" I about died laughing. He was talking about "Bewitched", a show I had grown up watching and he thought it was brand new! And it was one of the first episodes, which were in black and white! Kids. They're funny!

I am jealous! Sometimes I hear a train.

I love to hear my girls giggles, music for the soul. ;)
I love the old "family" shows, those are few and far between now.
I love the photo..

Sweet sounds...all of 'em. (Well, except for that F bomb from Mike B. Really? My world will never be the same ;0)

I can't wait to know what that is like! The sound of my own child laughing in my home :) Love that pic!