04 December 2007

Tuesday, December 04, 2007 - 3 comments

Text Talk

So the other night while cleaning up dinner I asked Jacob something, but I spelled it out for him, like texting. Well he "texted" out his response and then that's how the three of us talked for about an hour. When Mike got involved in the "texting chat", I couldn't keep up with the conversation between he and Jacob, I finally just sat and listened and then cracked up. Here is a snipit of the conversation. I was laughing so hard!!!!


That's insane!! Jacob needs to go on Letterman!! Too funny...however, if you ask me, you may have been laughing so hard due in part to that large glass of wine you had poured yourself (yes I noticed). I think I'll go pour one right now, come to think of it!


Can you email me your address for a Christmas card.


THanks tons,

Christy :)