08 August 2007

Wednesday, August 08, 2007 - 2 comments

Love it when life goes SMACK!

So we are home and getting ready for school to start next week and while we prep for that, we have our home study update! Dear God! I'm not stressed! No not at all! When we left for SoCal last Thursday, my sister said she'd clean the house some. Cool I'm thinking!!!! So it wont be tooo bad when we get home and I'll just have to do the major scrubbing. NOT!!!! Come home to a major MESS!!! We're talking wash carpets, major bathroom (sisters) cleaning and everything in between! (Insert scream here)

This is not what I needed! To boot to all of this, I've got 4 HUGE houses to clean this week! Do you actually think I'm gonna want to clean my own house after I get done cleaning and organizing others homes? NOT!!!! But in the name of adoption, I will stay up late, find closet space to hide things, scrub down walls and cabinets and shine my wood floors. Of course husband says, not to worry! Yeah right babe!

Yesterday we, Jake and I, went to get his schedule and books for school. I'm trying not to cry. Poor Jake though had to deal with people asking where they knew me from, when I say I'm not sure, but I really know, they finally get it. "I know!! You were the President of the Home and School Club and were really involved at MV. So what are you going to be doing at the junior high?? Oh we are so excited you are here!" OH SHIT! Of course Jake just looks at me and shakes his head slightly. My response, "Um, not sure yet. Just trying to get into the swing of junior high. But I'm sure you will see me around." and then I run! Actually I'm still debating what kind of involvement I will be in, but rest assured, I'll be involved! I just can't resist!

There is a huge piece of joy in this post....My sister moved out yesterday. It has been a very difficult 2 months and I'm relieved it's over, I just wish she'd gotten her shit together while she was here. We gave her more than enough opportunity to get through some tough times, but it didn't happen. Oh well, you can't make people do what you wish for them. Lesson learned for us.

To add to this joy, those cute babies I took care of this last weekend, want me to come back IMMEDIATELY! I long for them! I miss them! And now I must go to work! YUCK!


What sweet faces

"In the name of adoption"..I know you are stressed but you made me smile with that one!!

You're starting school already? ACK!
This is the first year that Texas will start "late" meaning on the 27th.

Cute, cute kids! How fun to take care of them.

I'm sorry your sister didn't help clean up. My stepdaughter has been living here and she's pretty neat but not as meticulous as I would like. I don't even want to go in her room--it stresses me out. lol

Hang in there!