15 May 2007

Tuesday, May 15, 2007 - 11 comments

The clocks on warp speed...

Haven't been posting much lately, sorry. Things seem to be moving very fast here and it doesn't look like it's gonna slow down until summer. Here's our week in review...
Wednesday was my Hannah day and we started a band she and I! It was a chilly day so we just hung out at my house and played.

Thursday I already posted about 7th grade orientation...still scared...

Friday was a chill day, did nothing!

Saturday was Jakes school auction. Got totally dressed up and had a blast of a night! Listened to our favorite local band eXtra Large and bid on the cutest table which I got!!! And my husband was having a grand ole time (all while I was working!!!) trying to get a surfboards bid up realllllly high and when the competitor bidder bid my husband bid one more time and guess what, no one else bid!!!! I WAS PISSED!!!!!!! So now we have a BEAUTIFUL VERY EXPENSIVE surfboard and no one surfs in this house! UM?? Oh well, it was for a good cause!

Mother's Day was great...look at the joke my son did for me! Prankster delivered that meal to me in bed! But then he brought me Eggs Benedict!! Then I got to go pick out roses for each of us and for Jennifer and her birth mom. I got them the most beautiful white rose called "Home and Family". I thought the name alone was all that Jenny's mom would want for her daughter. It was a good day!

I will try to post when I can...hang with me though there's way tooo much going on!

Oh and here's a good one of Ella...
She was so sound asleep!


That is a cute table! We get busier in the summer months too.

That table is too cute! Where's the surfboard? Sell it already? Hee hee!

...I love the name of the rose you got... I'll have to look for that one at the Nursery.

Cute buy! Sounds busy but good. Ella looks so snuggly in that pic.

Keep smilin!

Ella is ADORABLE in that picture!

At first I thought your breakfast was a fried frog! EEEWWWW! Was is cold chicken. What ever it was, you have a very clever guy there!

I love the table! It is so cute.

You sure are busy! That will help the time go by. :)

Ha ha fried chicken breakfast..nice!

Love the table you got, you did well there...guess one of you will have to take up surfing now you bought the board!

You have been busy! Maybe you should take a nap with Ella. I like her style.

Cuuuute table!!!!

Hope you had a nice mothers day.


I love the table! And I'm cracking up over the surf board!

Oh, Ella May has a kooshie too!! Our Camie-gurl loves hers!! So glad that you are keeping busy and enjoying life - makes the wait go sooo much faster. Happy Mom's Day!!

I love the cake!! Too funny! The picture of your puppy makes me want to reach in through the screen and give her a big 'ol smooch!!!

The pooch sleeping is sooo cute!