18 April 2007

Wednesday, April 18, 2007 - 6 comments


Yeah that's me! Whipped! Today is my Hannah day! AND boy did she do me in...SO needless to say, no working out Wednesday (did anyone read those anyways??), and I need to prepare myself for my boy Sanjya (sp). I've got me a big ole glass of wine and I'm heading for the tub!

****You all better know that I'm totally messing with you about that freak on AI. He has GOT TO GO!


Wishes do come true ;0)

Ah ya better be kidding. What was that SONG? And that hair? Sheesh.

That kid can't carry a tune in a bucket - or a bathtub!

Enjoy your bath and your wine. I assume Hannah is your trainer? I'm going to have a fitness drill sergeant (sp?) whipping me into shape in June. Yikes!!!

Bath over...AI on! Sanjay out you go!!!! We can hope.

o.k. you scared me...for a minute I thought you were one of "those" who really like Sanjay. :)

Enjoy your bath! :)

You forget how those little ones wear you out, huh Kayce? Totally not complaining, but I'd defiinitely forgotten how tired you are at the end of the day. That hot bath and glass of wine sounds pretty awesome.