10 April 2007

Tuesday, April 10, 2007 - 3 comments

Life is full of strangeness

So as many of my fellow China adopters know, this last week has been the shittiest week EVER!!!!!! I'm still trying to stay as POSITIVE as I can. 2 days. 2 days. Yes for those of you who aren't adopting and are just following along on our VERY twisty roller coaster, the CCAA (China Center of Adoption Affairs) only sent out 2 days of refferals for April. What that means is that the folks who sent in their paperwork in OCTOBER of 2005 (yes, that's 2005) got sent the information about their daughters. Out of 31 days in October only 2 days of referrals were mailed. THIS IS HORRIBLE NEWS FOR US! This is horrible news for the two remaining days of October that are left, yes they didn't even finish the month. The feeling in cyber land is very low and very sad right now.

To add insult to injury we sold our motorhome. I know you're saying "cool!". Well yeah it's cool, but we sold it the day before we were planning to go on a week long vacation. Life is strange. We've had the motorhome for sale since August of '05 and have never had as good an offer as what came in last night. What were we to do, turn it down, we will never get an offer like that again. So now I franticly have to unpack everything and we are desperately trying to rent a trailer for the week. The people who bought the motorhome want it tonight. SHIT SHIT SHIT!!! (Sorry Leda, I gotta cuss here!) We are all in shock!


WOAH! Oh my gosh! You sold hte motorhome?!?! WOW! Just buy a tent and join the "little people" on the ground! Hee hee!

Wow...you're good under pressure!

LOL, You crack me up girl! I hope you understood my comment - I love that you cuss on your blog, it's real! I love that you are just you, no fancy editing, and not trying to be anyone besides Kayce.

I hope everything works out with your vacation...it's Murphy's Law, isn't it?!