06 March 2007

Tuesday, March 06, 2007 - 3 comments

Many Things!

First and FORMOST! We made it through the review room!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We are now onto the next BIG wait for Jennifer...The matching room. In the matching room, we will be matched with our daughter. This wait should be anywhere from 5 to 15 more months! More waiting! That's okay though, because the review room wait has been hard for me. I've been waiting to see if we would get turned down because of my diabetes. It looks like we made it! Now we know we'll have a daughter and sister!!!!

Next on my many things post...PLEASE go check this out...
  • Wild Butterfly

  • This is a dear friend of mine who is also a fellow adopting mom. She has a FABULOUS line of lavender products that are all natural and wonderful for your body. She is working on a baby line and also has other great things in the works. Do go and see her store! Oh and a percentage of her sales goes to
  • Half The Sky

  • And Finally...Don't forget Working Out Wednesdays tomorrow!!!


    We made it friend! sigh that big sigh of relief!!!! Are you still doing the happy dance?!?!?

    We made it thru!! I am so relieved.

    Keep smilin!

    YES! We are on our way!!