23 February 2007

Friday, February 23, 2007 - 5 comments

A curve ball in life

Our sweet sweet Molly has cancer. It hasn't quite hit me yet. Molly came into our lives in a very special way and she has touched us so much. Six years ago we were looking for another dog, we had a lab at the time and we wanted to find another lab or lab mix. Jake and I had been looking for days online, in the paper and at the SPCA. One day we went to the Santa Cruz SPCA and saw this mangy, long faced, sad eyed black and white dog. She was it! I found out all the info on her and went home to tell Mike, his response was instant NO! I begged him to come check her out and I finally got him in the car and down to the pound. The moment he saw her he melted. We imediately went home to call our family in the vet business to ask about English Springer Spaniels. "Don't do it" was all we heard. "They're hyper and take A LOT of attention". We stopped listening and knew she was the next part of our family. The day we picked her up, was the day she was to be euthinized. This was her third stint at the pound and they'd already kept her longer this last stay then they should have. Her previous owners kept her in an appartment and couldn't control her, she ran away a lot and the owner was never home to love her. He tried to get rid of her several times, but she either ran away from the new owners and wound up at the pound, or she'd be too hyper for anyone to handle.

It was rough at first when she came home. She'd never had such luxurey's as what we gave her, a bed, warm dinner, lots of balls and many walks. We NEVER gave up on her, even when she jumped the six foot fence and wound up MILES away from home. But one day she just settled down and realized we weren't going anywhere and we were there to love her unconditionally. She became a constant compainion to us all. A VERY faithful dog.

Today we take her to a specialty hospital for the start of treatment for Lymphoma. She will most likely have chemo and radiation treatments for the next 9 weeks. We can only pray she does well with the treatment. We aren't ready to give up on our sweet Molly. She deserves to have all the stops pulled out for her! We're in it for the long run!

By the way...Happy Birthday Molly!!!!! Her 12th birthday was Tuesday!


:( I'm sooo sorry Kayce. Poor baby. Hopefully the treatments will work. She looks like such a sweet dog!

Little Molly! Being sick isn't fun. I hope she reponds well to treatment.

So sorry Kayce. I will keep her in my prayers. My heart goes out to you.

Being an Oncology nurse, I got to thinking about Molly and her treatments. Do they pre-medicate her with anti-nausea meds? How do they manage her symptoms that chemo will cause? I think it's awesome that they have treatments now for animals. They deserve what we would do for any other family member.

Thank you Mardi for your thoughts on what our animal babies deserve. This has been a tough decision, but we knew it was the right one. I may not be able to buy as much as I wanted to in China now, but at least we know, Jennifer will most likely get to meet Molly. That is important to us.

I will try to post the info that our doc sent home...I think you will be amazed!!!!! There is really NO difference in care than what you see on a daily basis at your work. It's wild!

Thank you again for you thoughts, they mean a lot.