18 January 2007

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Where we are and where we aren't

I know this blog is supposed to be about our adoption and of course I don't blog too much about the adoption. You know why? It's hard. I try to not think about it (the adoption) and just move forward each day, sometimes each minute. But I'm sure many of you who aren't in the adoption world who are our friends and families wonder what is going on, where are we?

Well we are 9 months 14 days in to our wait of 15 - 20 month wait. It seems so far away until we see our daughters face, but we know we will when the time is right. One of the important things that we are waiting for is to be approved by the Chinese Adoption Center. Right now February 06 is in the review room, they have been there for 70 days today. A very long time! Once all of the February families have been approved to adopt, March 06 moves in to be reviewed. During that time, the center will review every single family who sent in their dossiers in March 06 (that's us!) and make sure we are "fit" to adopt. Yes, there is still a chance we could not be able to adopt from China. We are told by our agency and social worker that we have nothing to worry about though, we hope.

So this is exactly where we are at as of today. It's been a pretty rough road, but we are moving forward and enjoing the time we have right now. To adopt from China is not for the faint at heart and boy is that statement sooooo true. I know many of you may not understand this process or wonder why things change so much, well we don't understand the changes either, but there is nothing we can do to make them stop or work in our favor. Also many of you may have seen a lot of press lately regarding Chinese adoptions and yes much of it is true, but also the press has been talking without educating themselves first.

What is happening right now with Chinese adoptions is in the hands of the Chinese and we all must understand that it is their right to make the rules. NO MATTER WHAT THOSE RULES ARE. China LOVES their children and only want what is best for them. The new rules that have come out wont affect us for this adoption, but if we want to adopt again from China (and we do) we may not be able to due to my diabetes. Today, that is okay with me, but ask me tomorrow and I may not be too happy. That is how this process has been. We have good days and we have REALLY bad days. So for now to keep the bad days away, I have closed the door to the nursery, we will actually be putting the crib in storage and putting all the things we've gotten or bought in storage as well. I'm just not ready to do that yet, so I just close the door. We continue to educate ourselves and learn more about the Chinese culture. And we are just plain spending time together and being thankful for what we have today and that's eachother. And I pray. Thank you Lord for what you have blessed me with and continue to be with those who need your blessings.