30 January 2007


Who's the girl in the picture??? Are you really getting Hot Pink hair? Will you have it in March????? :-) OH SO VERY CURIOUS AM I ! :)

I would L.O.V.E. to have HOT PINK hair!!!!! I had an appointment the week before we decieded to adopt, then I canceled it thinking I might not make social workers tooo happy....Then I thought it would be less then a year till we were home with baby, and now I'm tired of waiting until we get home to do it! BUT mark my words....I will have HOT PINK hair one day! Maybe not all of my hair, but the tips most definately!!!

PS - THe girl in the picture is NOT me! It's just some random girl who is now on my blog!

Do it!!! You only live once, you can dye it back to brown before leaving for China. :)...or not. :)