29 March 2010

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Date weekend with a guest.

Before the cricket came along, the weekends Big J went to his dads were filled with romantic dinners out, grabbing a St@rbucks while walking the isles of T@rget or trips to the nursery, lazy mornings in bed or long walks on the beach with just me and Mike.  Well this was one of those weekends were Big J was gone and after a crazy week Mike and I decided to do what we loved to do, but with a real cute guest.

Friday night we enjoyed a fabulous dinner at our favorite natural food restaurant, Dharmas.  There's nothing sweeter than sharing a meal with my husband but sharing one with him AND our daughter...priceless!!  After dinner we ran to the store for some weekend goodies and some fun laughs with our date guest.  

"what are these people doing to me!!!!!!"

"okay..enough of this picture taking stuff and dressing me up in B@rbie stuff!...give me that camera!"

Soon it was Saturday morning and after a nice morning nap (from 4 to 8am!) we had a lazy breakfast and got ready for a long, lazy walk on the beach. The day ahead was destined to be FABULOUS!  The sun was already blissfully hot and we could see from the tip of Monterey to colorful town of Capitola and beyond. It's days like this that make living here worth every cent it costs to live here!  It was hard to not just grab a spot on the sand and spend the day down at the beach, but we had plans!

Our beach trip soon turned into a trip to a secret nursery where we ended up spending over an hour wondering through the over crowded greenhouses looking for perfect specimens for our garden and catching a glimpse of the chickens who wander the rows.  We've had trips here before where we've talked about what it will be like with a baby in tow and today was one of those "how fun is this" moments!  The owners son even asked about the little cricket and welcomed her to his secret garden.

So here's our booty and you can't even see it all!  LOVE this place!  All this was just 60 bucks!

Our afternoon was spent hanging in the front yard getting dirty and making pretty and then enjoying a yummy salad topped with grilled chicken for dinner!  Bring summer on!!  Ooooooo I can not wait!

"hey!!  I thought I told you people to put the freesia over there!"

Church was the finishing touch to a perfect Saturday where we got to enjoy a wonderful sermon called Waiting Well.  LOL!  Both Mike and I laughed at that! If I only had heard that sermon four years ago....today was the day our dossier was logged into the China Center of Adoption Affairs, four very long years ago.  Who woulda thunk this is where we'd be today...two days short of being a family for two months!  We have learned that the wait for our daughter was not our plan but God's and while it was hard for us at times, I now understand why we were to endure that wait.  I completely understand now.  Enjoy the path in front of you and take the time to smell the roses or the freesias.  Seriously.

Soon it was Sunday morning, which started at 3am!  The day was a perfect day to hang out in our jammies, well actually just me and the cricket, Mike was busy planting all our flowers and making the yard pretty.  We did end up going out to enjoy the sunshine at some point before we headed to my in-laws for a good dinner and some grandparent/grandchild time.  There is nothing better than a way too lazy Sunday.  Ahhh life is good!

Gram...this picture is for you!

Ahhhhh....date weekends will never be the same, they will be better!!  


Freesia's are my very favorite flower!!! I absolutely love that last picture. She is just such a doll!

Love it!!!! xoxoxo,me

Aww...she is such a cutie! I love her outfit in the last two photos - so spring!! Looks like you had a wonderful time!!


That pic of you & Criscket amidst the flowers/plants, Kayce, is absolutely heartwarming! Seriously, that's a, "Let's order an 8x10 of this special moment" picture! :) Your weekend sounds about as perfect as one can get this side of heaven! :) Am off to our lakehouse for the week (mySamuelson's on Spring Break). Looking forward to some technology-free family time boating, fishing, teaching mySamuelson to ride a bike, running, reading, deck-sitting LOL! Will catch up with you when we return!
Huggies to you and the fam (as Punk has learned!)

Love it all! Happy Spring!

OOOOOOOOO000oooooooo00000OOOOH! I can't wait to take Sugar Pie to the nursery! What a wonderful spring this will be with our little ones! A new season after such a long wait! 4 years of what felt like winter!
Love that last pic!

LOVE that last shot! And isn't it funny how sometimes "small" things fill our hearts to bursting? I carried the Tongginator for many, many months when we first arrived home. The first time I pushed her in the stroller? Oh my lands did my heart fill. Just like y'all at dinner. *grin*

sounds perfect, absolutely, perfect.


That's it...I'm moving to California! What a dreamy weekend you had!

Jennifer's looks are really changing. Her facial expressions are becoming so much more...expressionful! Her spirit and vitality is really shinning through! What a sweetie pie!

Love the photos - especially the one of you and cricket through the leaves. Beautiful.

Your weekend truly does sound perfect. Blissful, beautiful and perfect.

Looks like the most perfect weekend...beautiful post and pics. Made me smile...:)

Bring on Spring! What an amazing 3some date you had!!

I can't imagine a more perfect weekend...and your little cricket is absolutely GORGEOUS!

PERFECT!! What a perfect weekend!!