06 October 2007

Saturday, October 06, 2007 - 9 comments

A message

In July I lost a friend very suddenly, There is no lemonade coming from these lemons. She was an absolutely incredible woman. She was very spiritual and such an inspriation. I belong to an online group who shares stories and such about her and our daily lives without her. One of the members saved all of Rochelles emails and posts them for all of us to see often. This is what was posted today.

check this out!!

Love Rochelle
"The immanent conception of justice is not based on rules or
authority, but upon integrity, integrity of self and integrity of
relationships." - Starhawk

I took this this morning as a sign to me to hold my faith and continue to stay strong through the remainder of our wait for our daughter. I also took with me the reminder to cherish EVERY second I am alive and to LOVE unconditionally the people in my life.

Thank you Rochelle for the reminder of what is important. Me and the world around me.


Can't say it better than that!

That's incredibly powerful.

A wonderful and inspiring quote.

Keep smilin!

WOW Kayce!! That is just so inspiring!!

Chrsity :)

It is just amazing what you can do with the right vision, look at us...:)

Love this--what an inspiration.

Thanks so much for sharing that... I think I needed to see it :)